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The Dunwich Town Trust charity was founded over 120 years ago to manage the assets of the dissolved Corporation of Dunwich in Suffolk, itself an organisation going back to medieval times. Today the Trust serves both the community at large and individuals in need of assistance. This site is updated regularly but we hope to give you all the information you may need as a member of the general public, or a Dunwich resident or someone looking for a grant.


(1) The object of the charity is to further the general benefit of the inhabitants of the area of benefit in such charitable ways for the public benefit as the trustees think fit.
(2) In exceptional cases the trustees may further the objects of the charity outside the area of benefit if they are satisfied that to do so is in the best interests of the charity.


The charitable activities include awarding grants to institutions or individuals for purposes which benefit the community of Dunwich as a whole.
A restricted fund awards grants to individuals in need and the elderly for a range of purposes from provision of care alarms to help with tertiary education expenses, emergency problems in the home and help with fuel costs.